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Create spaces where you can find well-being and inner peace.

Create spaces where you can find well-being and inner peace.


I'm a psychologist, naturopath, yoga, and meditation teacher based in Berlin. In my studies, I learned healing arts from different traditions and backgrounds. I dived deep into classic Psychology ( & M.a.), Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga Philosophy, Ayurveda, Buddhist Psychotherapy, and Reiki.

My focus is to bring body, mind, and soul back to balance and create softness and ease. My aim is to open and create spaces where you like to connect back with yourself and let go of tension.

Next to my work as a therapist and teacher, I also work in the creative industry. I create digital and physical spaces, also here with the approach to create harmony and serenity.


Peace of mind Studios is located in the most beautiful Original Feelings Studio in Berlin Kreuzberg. The space is full of light and warmth, a safe space to create softness and tranquility.

My space is designed to make you feel comfortable and safe. It has an open atmosphere and a warm feeling. The soft daybed invites you to let go, to nurture your body and mind. 
Enjoy reiki, acupressure, ayurvedic treatments, and psychotherapy here.

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