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Starting therapy is an effective step to reduce stress, alleviate pain, release emotions, improve sleep, support the immune system, and boost your energy.


I offer a selection of various techniques and therapies that integrate the body and mind to create harmony and ease.


Discover a modern, holistic form of psychotherapy that integrates traditional psychological approaches with the wisdom of Eastern healing methods. My approach is characterized by a deep connection between Western psychology and healing practices from Ayurveda, Buddhist psychology, Yoga, Reiki, and Chinese medicine.

Experience how this unique combination of knowledge and practice supports your personal development and self-discovery in a way that goes beyond traditional methods.



Discover a body therapy tailored specifically to you. At the beginning of the session, we take the time to understand your unique needs precisely.

By combining various methods, we develop a therapy that is ideally tailored to your individual needs.

I work with Reiki, Gua Sha, acupressure, cupping, Ayurvedic treatments, and massages to help you release body tension and stored emotions.


In my couples therapy sessions, I integrate my expertise in psychology with my knowledge of various Eastern healing methods such as Ayurveda, Buddhist psychology, Yoga, and Reiki to help couples deepen their relationship and resolve conflicts.

Together, we work on improving communication patterns, deepening understanding and empathy, and resolving conflicts in a constructive manner.

The goal is not only to strengthen the relationship but also to promote individual growth and a harmonious connection between the body and mind of each partner.

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