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Every month we host different rituals in Berlin. It's all about to find some time to unwind and to let go. Our next event is the new moon ceremony.

Until then you'll find here some rituals you can do at home to find your peace of mind.



Smudging is an ancient tradition to clean and clear spaces. If you feel the energy in your home, office, or somewhere you travel to is stuck you can use palo santo, sage, incense, or any other smudging herb to clear the space. The same counts for yourself: If you had stress, a fight, or came out of a place of discomfort, smudging is a ritual, that can help you to find back to clarity. You can also smudge as a daily or monthly ritual so your home and mind stay nice and clean.


We eat to nurture the body and to fill us up with new fresh energy. Sometimes we eat to stimulate us, sometimes to calm us down. The process of eating is something we do automatically usually without awareness. 

To become more conscious about how we eat and what we eat, we can make once in a while a mindful eating ritual. For that find a calm and cleaned space and choose food you really enjoy. It can be a whole meal, but also a snack, some fruits, some chocolate, whatever you prefer. First look at your food, take your time to see the different structures and colors. Then smell it, smell the different aromas entering your nose and notice the bodies reaction to it. Then slowly start to eat it. Also here take your time to chew and swallow, feel how to enteres your body, your mouth, your stomach. After finish eating take a moment to feel how your body and mind feels.



Ceremonial cacao is a heart-opening and heartwarming drink. Through slow processing, it keeps all the nurturing ingredients that will make us feel grounded and loved. A cacao ceremony can be taken alone or in a group. Make sure you create a space where you feel comfortable and supported. Similar to mindful eating we want to give ourselves time while preparing and consuming the cacao. It should be a mindful process where you'll be fully present. You can either go into this ceremony with a specific question or just let the cacao talk to you. It's a healing journey of love and guidance.

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